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 Dear Guests!

Here is a kind of short instructions for you to facilitate your navigation in our online store:

How to sign in?⇒
How to search for UAZ spare parts?⇒
How to submit your order?⇒
Order payment⇒


How to sign in?


We offer you to fill in registration form to work with our online store. Go to “Sign in” in the right top corner to get access to this form.

Boxes marked by asterisks in registration form are be filled in compulsory. BAZA VSE DLYA UAZA Trade Company warrants that any submitted information shall not be disclosed to any third parties or used for any other purposes. User account is necessary for you to have your personal profile within our website, wherein your orders history will be recorded.

Upon registration, you will be provided with access to your personal data page. Here you may edit your personal data (for example, in case you misprint your address or telephone) as well as check your orders history. Later you will be able to get to this page by clicking “My account” key in the right top corner.

How to search for UAZ spare parts?

There are two ways to search for the spare parts: 1. The most convenient and flexible way is a search for a certain spare part through “Parts search” line in the top part of the shop. You may enter into this line a name or partial name, product code (listed on the page of each product), reference numbers or their parts. Additionally, you may search for the products in stock by activating relevant filter:

2. Walkthrough of all the spare parts in a selected section of the catalogue. Spare parts catalogue located in the left on the pages of the online store and graphically in the central area of the main page.



How to submit your order?

Attention!!! Prior ordering, you should sign in!!!

Order submitting procedure is pretty easy for a registered user. You should find a detail your need, enter required number and press “Add to cart” key (there is an “Add to cart” key in the block of each available product).


Should any product be unavailable, your may submit a question on the term of the delivery through “Do you have any product-related questions?” form on the product page or subscribe for notice of product delivery.

As soon as the product is in the basket, you may go on with searching for the spare parts or go to ordering.

To check and to change products selected you should get into the cart.


If you have already submitted an order, the website will offer you either combine the orders or completely remove your previous order.

To submit your order you need to press “Order” key. The cart will show you your products selected and the available actions with them.

  • Order – by press this key, your will go to order-related form.

  • Empty cart – this key removes all items from your cart.

  • Defer all goods – this key allows to save selected items as deferred, unless you decide to pay for them.

  • Wish list – this key, consequently, will show you the goods previously been deferred by you.

  • Print version – this key allows to print the entire order.


Order payment


 Our online store provides you a choice of two payment options:

  • Online payment (by bank card Visa, Mastercard, e-money, through payment terminal).
  • PayPal – payment transfer through PayPal service.

Upon selecting payment option, you need to press “Finalize the order” key and wait for the message of our manager or the invoice will be sent to your personal profile automatically.

We wish you good deals!

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