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Dealing with the Store

Registration Procedure

1. To deal with the online store of UAZ auto parts, we suggest that you should fill in the login form. Go to the form by pressing “Sign In” button in the upper right corner.

2. Filling-in the Form
Dear Customers,
For registration, please fill in the following form as detailed as possible.
TC BAZA VSE DLYA UAZA guarantees that the data provided will be neither transferred to the third persons, nor used for any other purposes than intended.
Invent a unique login and password on your own. Remember the input data to have an access to your personal account when visiting the website next time.
  • Login:
  • Password:
  • Confirm password:
  • Name:
  • Surname:
  • E-mail:
  • Contact phone number:
  • Vehicle model:
  • Year of manufacture of the vehicle:
  • How do you know about the store?:
  • Country:
  • Address: 
    3. Upon registration, the personal data page will open. Here, you can edit your personal data (e.g. wrong address or phone number), and browse the history of your orders. Later, you will be able to get to this page by clicking your name in the upper right corner.

Search for UAZ Auto Parts

Search for Auto Parts on the Website

You can search using either of the following alternatives:

1. The most convenient and universal method: search for a particular part using the line “Search for Spare Parts” in the upper part of the store. In the search line, you may enter catalogue numbers or a part thereof. You can also search from the goods currently available in stock by using a corresponding filter:

2. By shifting between sections and subsections of our catalogue, you may visually select the spare parts based on pictures.

Only the main sections of the catalogue have English designations, however all subgroups and categories are provided with mini-icons representing spare parts in some or other group.

Placing the Order

You can place the order ONLY upon registration on the website specifying your personal data
Upon selection of the part required, add it to the shopping cart. For this purpose, the block of each goods in stock is equipped with a button “Add to Cart”. If an item is currently unavailable, you may subscribe to notifying of the goods availability. The notice will be sent to your e-mail automatically when the goods enter the warehouse. 
With the item added to the cart, you may select other spare parts.
Upon completion of selection, go to the shopping cart.

The cart will display the goods you have chosen, and what you can do further.
• Place the order – clicking on this item will move you to the form of filling-in all information for the order required.
• Recalculate amount of the order – if you have changed the number of items, just press this button to recalculate the total. 
• Clear the cart – will remove all items from the shopping cart.
• Hold over the goods – will enable you to save the selected items until payment.
• The goods held – will lead you to the goods saved held before.

Press “Place the Order” to call up the form suggesting methods of delivery and payment.

Payment for the Order

Selection of one of the methods of delivery will call up the form of selection of a method of payment:

For the customers outside the Customs Union, we issue invoices via PayPal ONLY, or suggest online payment via VISA and MasterCard.

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Order an item

One-click shopping is convenient for quick buying of 1 item. Please use the shopping cart to order several different items.

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